A foray into watercolouring & a balloon race!

I’ve been desperate to try my hand at a little watercolouring for a long time now. My mum loved to paint and I wanted to put her stash of watercolours to use.  Having watched a gazillion of Debby Hughes’ videos over at Lime Doodle Design (literally swoon at her colouring) and Kristina Werner’s on her design blog (more swooning) I felt adequately video’d up to make an attempt.  I’ve made an envelope to use with my Bunny Birthday card, using the same stamp set.

As a first attempt I’m really pleased with it! The background has been blended with Distress Inks and the trees, bunny and flowers watercoloured. Oh my, that little project taught me a lot! I’ve got the bug though……more to come methinks 💕


We woke up to rather an amazing sight this morning – 80 odd air balloons passing by the house kind of amazing.  Enthusiasts were attempting to break the record for the most number of hot air balloons crossing the English channel at the same time.  It was a pretty special thing to see and I got lots of pictures while they gracefully bobbed by.

If every day started with a scene like this I think i’d be very happy indeed!

Have a great day.

Lisa x


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